Network protocol for real-time sharing between graphical application

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Verse 2.0


The source code of Verse library is licensed under BSD license. This library could be used for implementation of Verse client. The source code of Verse server is licensed under GNU GPL 2.0 license. For details look at files BSD-LICENSE and GPL-LICENSE.


Compilation of Verse 2.0 is tested only on Linux now. Some libraries and development tools are required. Porting to other UNIX like OS should not be problem.



To compile Verse server, and example of Verse client open terminal, go to root of verse source code and type:

$ mkdir ./build
$ cd ./build
$ cmake ../
$ make
$ sudo make install


The verse server and example of verse client is not necessary to install to the system. Before you want to run Verse server you should edit your "database" of users. Go to the /etc/verse/ and edit user.csv. For more details read from source directory.


  • IRC: in channel #verse
  • Mailing list:
  • Main developer: Jiri Hnidek
    • E-mail:
    • Phone: +420 485 35 3695
    • Address: Studentska 2, 461 17, Liberec 1, Czech Republic